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“Yabusame I need to tell you something.” Tsubakura interrupted Yabusame’s cooking. Their tone is serious. “Mm, what is it?” They shot a glance at Tsubakura. “Me and Kuroji are officially dating” Oh. “Well, that’s quite straightforward, I thought you weren’t the romantic type of person.” Yabusame nervously chuckled. Why are they acting so awkwardly all of a sudden? “Yeah, it’s quite weird how I harbored feelings for a literal scoundrel, but I guess there’s a nice side to them sometimes, and I appreciate it a lot..?” Tsubakura sounded unsure, as if they were forced to say them. “Sorry this is kind of awkward, it’s my first time in a relationship” “Hehe, it’s alright, good for you!” Yabusame beamed. “Do you need some advice then?” “It’s alright, we’ll try to figure this out together. Thanks for your offer.” Tsubakura averted their gaze at the scenery. They still wore a monotone face but the unusual reactions were a dead giveaway of Tsubakura’s uncertainty. “Anyways I’ll go meetup with Kuroji” “Woah, Tsuba is actually touching grass!? What kind of voodoo magic did Kuro cast on you!?” “Just shut up and go back to your cooking, the food is gonna burn soon.” “Oops forgot!” Tsubakura turned their heels and left, the distant sound of their sleeves grazing through the air slowly fading. Yabusame was making pancakes, one of their favorites. Drip Drip Drip Why was there water dripping from above? And it was coming from their widened pair of eyes too. Tsuba found someone they love, someone that will take care of them other than their friend. As a friend, they should be happy. That’s how friends should feel and act in this situation, right? Yet they can’t get rid of the feeling that they wanted those two to fall out of love, or something like that. What a horrible friend, wanting the worst for their friend. How selfish. They really don’t deserve them. This morning was unusually quiet for them. … It seems like a simple, sugary breakfast meal and some shrine cleaning did a good job of boosting their adrenaline. “Oh, we’re running out of groceries.” Yabusame mumbled as they scanned the kitchen cabinets for dinner ideas. “Heeeey Jinbei, ima go shopping, alright?” “Yea sure,” Jinbei yelled from their room. “Can I go too?” Shion suddenly jumped on Yabusame, clinging to their neck. “Tsuba isn’t here, ‘m sooo hungr–” “You can’t go, you’ll cause a whole extinction in the village if you do.” Jinbei contradicted. “Aww..” Shion pouted. “But there’s nothing to do.” “It’s alright, I’ll be back soon and play with you!” Yabusame promised. “We can go catch bugs after this.” “With Tsuba!” Shion added. “Mmm, that depends on whether I manage to find them, they went on an errand earlier and seemed quite busy,” Yabusame said with a pondering face. “Anyway, we can have lots of fun once I get back, alright?” They shot an apologetic smile. “Hmmm..seems like a fair deal, alright!” Shion grinned. Yabusame patted Shion’s head before letting them down and flew to their destination. Lots of fun. Suppressing unnecessary emotions that shouldn’t have existed because of something like this. No matter what they did, they couldn’t let go of the thought that their friend was dating someone. It just seems like whatever they did, those thoughts would still linger in their mind and cling like parasites. Someone just has to make it worse, and there goes their energetic self. It was unfair. It ruins their mood. No. This was their problem to begin with. Getting worked up over your friend dating is childish. Even if Tsubakura wasn’t the type to date someone to begin with, if it makes them happy, they should at least respect their decisions and move on. It’s not like their friendship is over. How immature of them. They were the one being selfish. … Taking a stroll to the village and enjoying the scene while going on an errand was something they really enjoyed since living in Mugenri. They loved the little houses and stands residing on the sides of the road, it looked like something out of a fairytale. They loved communicating with the villagers and having random talks with them or greeting the kids there. The kids were adorable, they would always swarm around Yabusame and ask about priest duties. They would even offer handmade toys on some occasions, and it absolutely made them ecstatic. How could you not love them? But their thoughts were interrupted by whatever was entering their view right now. Kuroji and Tsuba, eating ice cream, so close to each other. That wasn’t the main ‘issue’, though. Tsuba was smiling. It was a rare smile that they’d last seen before Tsuba’s mom passed away. It was a rare case. Whatever or whoever managed to paint that smile on their face must’ve been something or someone very special. Seeing Tsuba smile after so long should’ve made them feel happy. Relieved even. Tsuba went through a lot since then, and they really deserve that smile. But they weren’t the one who granted them that smile on their face, and it honestly made them feel all kinds of emotions. Only the negative ones. Angry, frustrated, heartbroken, jealous. Wait. Jealous? Was that the reason behind all of those thoughts they had earlier? Or even the ones when Tsuba told them they were dating Kuro? That..was it? They were jealous? Really? It took them that long to realize it? They were an airhead, but how were they that dense? So they were all worked up just because they had a crush on one of their friends, but apparently they had feelings for someone else. Great. Now they have zero excuse to forgive themselves. Tsubakura and Kuroji’s laughs slowly muffle as their vision becomes blurry. They are crying. Again. Why are they crying? They should just swallow up their tears, mask a smile, and get it over with. Right, they’re on an errand, they’ll play with Shion after this, they’ll cook dinner, hum some of the weird songs they’d “imagined” on previous adventures, and pretend this never happened. “ Sorry, I’m not good at comforting people, but I just want to let you know that sorrow doesn’t fit your face, so please cheer up.” That’s right. So smile, goddammit. Happy thoughts, happy memories, happy– No smile came, but a hiccup did. They quickly muffled it with their hand and flew somewhere far away. Once they reached a tree and were certain they were far enough and no one was there, they finally let out their bottled up emotions. Yabusame sat in a triangle-shaped pose and covered their face as the non-stop hiccups nearly took all of their breath away while hot tears streamed down their face. Out of everything, a selfish desire was something that turned them into such a mess, it’s embarrassing. They’re so stupid, they can’t even get over something this simple, they’re so– “Yabusame..?” That was all it took for them to stop all the thoughts they had in their heads and look up. They swore that their neck could’ve snapped from how fast they turned. That’s not important anyway. Because the person next to them was the devil themself, Tsubakura. How ironic. “O-oh hi Tsuba, what are you doing here?” Yabusame quickly wiped their mess and wore a fake smile, as always. Except this time it looked ingenuine. “Ah-you know, I’m just enjoying the view-oh right I’m also planning to give Jun and Shou a little visit ahaha–” “Stop,” Tsubakura interrupted. “You were clearly crying a second ago” “Tsuba, I–” “I know you saw the ‘lovely-dovely’ scene between me and Kuroji, I’m sorry if that made you feel uncomfortable.” Why are you apologizing? I should be the one doing that. “No no, it wasn’t about that, I’m fine with couples showing affection.” “Then mind explaining why you were crying earlier?” “It’s nothing, really. Just a stupid thought” “That wasn’t just a ‘stupid thought’, you were going through a literal breakdown.” “Please don’t worry about me–” “Look, I’m trying to help you.” “Tsuba I don’–” “I know I’m not a therapist.” “Tsu-” “But sorrow doesn’t fit your face, so please cheer–” “CAN YOU JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME, GODDAMMIT!” Yabusame snapped. That was the last straw. Tsubakura’s eyes widened in surprise. I lost. I let my emotions take over. But their emotions were too much of a mess to even have control over themselves. “Y’know Tsuba,” Yabusame finally spoke. They sounded so pained that it transforms into a strained laugh. “You’re a really funny person, being so close with me all the time when we were little, being there for me, although you’re so goddamn bad at comforting people and always having trouble showing affection.” Yabusame’s voice cracked at every word they mumble. “And one day you thought it was a good idea to just casually drop that you two were dating onto me!?” They finally let out their emotions,faced their feelings, and admitted that this was indeed the reason behind their horrible meltdown. Was that what they were supposed to do? Inflicting even more stress and a burden on their friend, who finally found actual happiness ever since that day? “Wh–” Tsubakura was dumbfounded by all the talking their friend just did. “Please listen to–” They reached out to grab Yabusame’s wrist, but the silver-haired pulled away harshly. “Stop!!” They shook violently. It was their turn to act selfishly now. Well, it always has been. “How did you even find me anyways? Did Kuroji tell you to follow and make fun of me?” Now they were just jumping to conclusions, driving themselves further into madness by believing in their own delusions. “Yabusame stop! This isn’t you, snap out of it!” “ Oh this isn’t you, please snap out of it! How ironic! Since when did you read those melodramatic novels? Remember to share some with me!” They laughed hysterically. What are they even doing at this point? They’re only making it worse. “Yabusame, it’s a freaking April Fools joke, why are you getting so worked up over it!?” Tsubakura finally spilled the truth. Huh? Oh. So even worse, they were mad over a dumb prank. Right, it was April Fools today, how could they forget? Yabusame widened their eyes, all the built up anger and sorrow were gone in an instant and now replaced with…realization? “I actually thought that you were just playing along and knew, I didn’t know you fell for it,” Tsubakura sounded guilty, like they had just committed a crime. “I’m not sure what I did wrong,” they continued. ”But judging by the fact that you keep mentioning me and Kuroji a lot, I definitely did something wrong, and I’m really sorry.” They embraced Yabusame in a hug, the latter seemingly still in a trance. And they finally snapped out of it. For a prodigy, you sure are really dumb at catching people’s implications, even when they’re right in front of your face. Yabusame let out a small laugh. So that was it, huh? “It’s alright, I forgive you! Also, the prank was good! I actually thought you two were dating~” They finally switched back to their usual self, as if what happened earlier never happened. “A priest and a well-known scoundrel dating? How scandalous!” They giggled. What a loser, not knowing how to let go of something. Well, it can’t be helped. They’ll gladly be a loser if the offer is to be with that person for as long as they can. “Ah, just forget it. That idiot dragged me into their mess anyway. It’s not like I wanted to do it in the first place.” “Huh?” Yabusame shot the ink priest with a confused face. “Then why did you do it then?” “Sake. They promised me with those extra 5 bottles they won in some random spell card duel if I agreed to participate in their prank.” “You can just ask me to buy more if we’re running out, ehehe~” They were relieved that their friend wasn’t going anywhere yet. After all, a selfish part of them still wants to cling to that same person with inky black hair and never let them go. They definitely will, someday. But that’s for another day. Right now, they want to enjoy every moment that walks into their life and appreciate it in every way. “Also, I was a little harsh on you a while ago, sorry about that.” Tsubakura spoke. “I was genuinely worried about you.” “Hmmm, apology accepted!” Yabusame declared peace. “Oh, that reminds me,” They continued. “I think I dropped some groceries during my flight.” That was a lie used to justify their failure to complete the errand. “That’s your responsibility for losing Jinbei’s money. Headin’ right to sleep once we get home,” Tsubakura yawned, stretching their arms. “Nooooo~” Yabusame grinned. “C’mon Tsubaaa, the stalls are close to closing, we’ve gotta hurry up!” They realized that the sky had been blue a moment ago but had now turned a light shade of orange. How long had they been out here? “O-ow stop yanking me, that hurts!” Tsubakura complained. “Can’t hear you~!” … Behind the two priests was a group of people who had been spying on them behind the tree earlier. “So what was all of that for?” The blue one asked. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Yabu like that,” The red one joined in. “Well, it wasn’t just a mere prank, I actually put a lot of dedication into it,” The purple one added. “How so?” The red one questioned. “Didn’t you see it?” “See what?” “Oh whatever, it doesn’t matter that much anyway.” “The day it actually matters is when you two finally stop speaking in riddles,” The blue one deadpanned. “Whatever, let’s go home, we’re doing more bounty tomorrow!” A mischievous grin plastered over the purple one’s face. „Actually, I’ll take my words back, please,” The blue one frowned. The purple one gave the two priests a final glance. They were flying in the sunset, clearly having fun. Sometimes, exposing the truth requires many sacrifices. Except a certain prodigy didn’t even realize it when it was right in front of their face. “Sorry about that.” The sunset shone brighter on that day.

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